My Mother Was A Spaceship: Breaking the don't tell rule

Bette Waters

My Mother Was A Spaceship ... book coverMy Mother Was A Spaceship: Breaking the don't tell rule by Bette Waters is now available through on Amazon and Kindle.

In Waters’ eighth book she has done what others dared not do, tell the truth about the cruel treatment of women and babies in the maternity wards of our hospitals. She gives a never before heard voice to these women.

Across the spectrum of women—business women, housewives, nurses, midwives, physicians, military women—all persons who crossed her path tell of their pain surrounding mistreatment associated with their giving birth.

Waters compares the feelings described to those of persons who have been raped and never told. In this painfully moving collection, Waters insists on giving it a name. She says, "It cannot be authenticated, recognized, or solved until it is named. Author Judy Long says in her book Telling Women's Lives, "Women's narrative strategies involve telling it slant, telling it messy, and telling it straight."

"When telling it straight," Waters says, "torture is the only name that can be applied. She goes on, "In spite of your mothers, your sisters, your men, covertly enforcing the cultural law which says, a good mother will suffer anything for her child, even abuse from a medical system, here are your voices."

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