The Roosevelt GAMBIT

G.B. Eubanks

The Roosevelt GAMBIT book coverG.B. Eubanks weaves together mystery, theft, murder, and betrayal around the real historical invasion of the United States in 1916 by Mexico's Pancho Villa. The time frame of the book encompasses only two weeks, February 28 to March 13, 1916. See www.

In this two weeks, Mr. Eubanks spins a love story, creates an Apache Indian hero, foreign spies, gold theft, bribery, and attempted assassination of an ex-president.

Leighton Hanshaw, Jr., a member of the Roosevelt's Rough Riders, is forced to use every resource — his money, his federal judgeship, his physical strength, his moral integrity — to end a feud with the baddest bad man of the west and to save the life of a former United States President. As a result of his success, he delayed for one year the entry of the United States into World War I on the side of Great Britain.

Mr. Eubank's skillful writing takes the reader back to Leighton's father's service in the Civil War. He leads one through the jungles of Cuba with Leighton as one of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders, and into the haciendas of Francisco Pancho Villa in Mexico.

His characters are full blown and human, so much so that, at the end of the book, I was in love with the entire Hanshaw extended family.

I was furious and thrilled when Hanshaw's daughter helped save herself by refusing to a victim of the meanest villain ever spawned by the West. After all, she had Hanshaw blood in her veins.

Mr. Eubanks has provided a bibliography and list of books he recommends for history-buff readers.

9.5 X 6.5 – 320 pages
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