My Daddy Brought Me Up To Be Good

Bette L. Waters - Edited by Ann Sallemi

MyDaddy Brought Me Up To Be Good book coverPoetry is the language of the unutterable. It is what gives voice to our soul in all its yearnings, strivings and brief flashes of understanding. Without poetry the heart would have no advocate in the written word for its deepest feelings. It is as essential to our psyches as air and water are to our physical selves.

In this her first book of poetry, Waters strikes a universal theme of the struggle for self realization. Yet the poems are highly individual, dealing specifically with those things which dramatically shaped her life.

Scattered throughout the text are photographs Waters took as a student at Lander University during the mid-70’s. Her eye for design is poignant. The photos compliment the text in an uncanny way that only the author could achieve.

Size 9 X 6
Hard Cover
34 pages
Poetry and photos
Price: $14.95