Autopsy Of A Soul

Rev. Maria Reynolds

Autopsy of a Soul book coverAutopsy of a Soul is about discovering how words can wound and how words can heal. Reverend Maria Reynolds uses her personal experiences: growing up in an oppressive society and moving from her parents home into an abusive marriage, never able to find the love she longed for. After 23 years in a destructive marriage she extricated herself, only to choose to move from her struggle with poverty into another abusive marriage disguised in the cloak of middle class money.

This book will change your life because not only does Reverend Maria describe how she discovered her wounds, but she has exposed them and shows the reader how once recognized, she used words to heal the wounds. At the end of the book she has laid out for the reader her journey to recovery with her personal reading list and meditations designed to recognize our connection with our spirit and how that connection extends to everyone. 

Reverend Maria Reynolds is the only person who could have written this book - she lived it. There are many wonderful books written about metaphysics, but in my research I found a lone volume by Marilyn Redmond, Healing Domestic Violence, wherein she incorporates the principles of holistic health which includes the concept of metaphysics.

The dynamic story incorporated into Autopsy of a Soul falls into two genres, domestic violence and metaphysics.

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"Rev. Maria Reynolds is a woman of great strength, determination, and courage. Her book, Autopsy of A Soul, is one person's journey to discover the light and truth that lies within each of us. The words come alive and invite the reader to open the door to their own soul and start their own journey."

Alan J. Fass
Author, Intuitive, and Channeler
Washburn, Tennessee